The work plan is prepared after your orders are inserted in the ERP system in Logistics and Planning department of Burçak Metal, in order to provide them to arrive you with the quality, cleanness and timeliness you desire.

Depending on the demand of the customer, the parts can be checked up to 100% by the help of Quality Control measurement devices. An additional cleansing is recommended in the ultrasonic cleaning system to prevent leftovers, dirt, etc.

We execute the packaging with packages particular to recycled cardboard boxes, KLT's and even to the customer. We add the description and labelling information demanded by the customer.

We are able to deliver the products with protectives upon the request of the customer to avoid physical and chemical damage during and after consignment.

By signing contracts about them,we can assume responsibilities instead of you, such as cash delivery, anban and consignment stock.

Burçak Metal Catalog Burçak Metal Catalog