Our Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction is our keystone.

For this reason, it is our commitment to make modifications for the increase of the improvement and effectiveness of the quality management sytstem, to produce timely, accurate and competitive products, to move in the same direction to the same target with all the staff in a management by objectives approach, keeping the team spirit alive by developing an effective communication, to observe the risks in all of our process and to take convenient precautions, to encourage the innovative and creative approaches, to continuously improve the technical and behavioral skills of our staff by the help of effective trainings, to render the procurement in desired condititons by supporting the development of our suppliers and to perform  legal approaches which care about the safety of our employers and the environment within the framework of social responsibility.

The ethical values and institutional responsibility policies set forth by Burçak Metal Co. Ltd. management are as follows;

Our Institutional Responsibility Policy

Quality Certificates

Management system as per ISO 9001:2015 Management system as per ISO 14001:2015 Management system as per IATF 16949:2016
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